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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Peaceful protesters" publicly hang a Syrian who spoke to Arab League Observers


Warning: Graphic

This is what the US propaganda outlets defined as peaceful protesters, at the end of the video you can clearly see those recording the murder are wearing the newly invented flag of US controlled terrorists. This has been going on since the start, but the propaganda outlets continually called these murderers and butchers "peaceful protesters".

The man in video was murdered because he spoke with Arab League Observers regarding the continuous violence in Syria, he stated that armed gangs and terrorists were behind the violence, soon after he was murdered.


Anonymous said...

these bad human are worst than the wildest animals. what happen to their moral values and islamic teachings. no trial, just hang. please note that all MUSLIMS MUST HAVE FUNDAMENTAL VALUES otherwise satan is whispering to you to do evil things. NO LAW N ORDER IN SYRIA NOW. MILITARY MUST GO ALL OUT. MARCH ON, ITS A STANDING ORDER, NO RETREAT.

Anonymous said...

And there was Hillary, aka "the wicked witch of the West", dressed up Soviet Commissar style at the U.N. hypocritically ululating about the "sad deaths at the hand of the Assad regime" in Syria. This vile woman knows no moral shame. Just a she-beast with an infernal drive to serve U.S. imperialism. Just can't forget that cackle at Gaddafi's lynching.

And behind her was that disgusting octoroon screamer--no class, no training in debate and diplomacy--all in the service of U.S. slavery.

veritas6464 said...

The 'arab spring' donkeys are all israhell's bitches!

These fools lack brains or courage, one way or another they will pay for their dirty deal with the satans of zionism!


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