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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a massacre is happening right now in south eastern libya


The Dark Skinned Toubu tribe of Kufra has been surrounded by NATO Mercenaries and they are being bombarded with heavy weapons as we speak. At least 20 people have been massacred in 2 days of fighting, NATO regime has sent more weapons and Mercenaries in an attempt to wipe out the Tribe.

A witness named Turki Tobawi spoke to reporters saying "the government sent reinforcements to Zwai. Its plan is to exterminate the Toubu tribe".

Fighting has also been reported in different districts of Tripoli, including the surrounding areas of the Airport. Witnesses report hearing a loud explosion near NATO Mercenary headquarters in Misrata, some claim that the headquarters have been blown up, others are not sure.


Anonymous said...

keep on attacking the rats where ever they are. ALLAH is with the honest MUSLIMS. WASSALAM.

Anonymous said...

It seems while some rats are focussed on money others are focussed on ethnic cleansing. Makes you wonder whether the human race deserves to survive??

Jason Dalton-Earls said...

All the rats&traitors deserve what they get when the To the RAT'S&TRAITORS When the Libyan people wake up from their NATOmare&realize they killed the leader of their revolution that got the imperialists out you will get death like you gave the leader&your protector for 42years you will get what you dished out to your old&wounded martyr/leader you scum!!Now they are all the imperialists Gaddafi forced out so you could keep your resources are back again&NATO has the big say in your country. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW YOU RATS LIVING IN THE RUBBLE YOU CREATED? You had more than any country in Africa&now you have NOTHING AGAIN!! Go put flowers in Sirte cemetery,you couldn't even bury him where he asked you death rats,now you want to exterminate whole Libyan tribes if black you genocidal anti-freedom traitors!!

Khamis said...

when people wake up, the rats will run away to United States of Retards.. Look at the rat of Yemen (Saleh) who fled to America. US has harboured more terrorists and criminals than any other country in the world.

USA still refuses to hand over a terrorist who bombed a Venezuelan civilian aircraft, the terrorist lives in USA in comfort just like the terrorist Saleh..

All terrorists and Mercenaries will flee Libya and go live in USA where they belong, almost all of them came from US and Europe, the rest were rapists, murderers, torturers, thieves.. who were freed from Libyan prisons to join NATO.

Anonymous said...


I don't suspect ur right i know ur right but if this so-called "Islamic Awakening" happens maybe the Muslim world will have some leverage to demand the extradition of these puppets to face divine justice? One can only hope. I know many in the West don't want them here either.

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