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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Intense fighting spreads to other districts of Tripoli


Intense clashes have spread to the remains of Bab al-Azizia compound between NATO Mercenaries and Armed Jamahariya Supporters. At least 3 NATO Mercenaries have been killed in the ongoing fighting.

NATO Mercenaries stopped journalists from approaching the scenes of fighting, saying everything is under control even though heavy gunshots could be heard in the back. Journalists were also threatened to leave the scenes of fighting, or their cameras would be smashed.


Anonymous said...

as long as there are psycho drugs n alcohol, the shootings will go on in wild libya. these useless youths must be wiped out including ntc traitors. MARCH ON GREEN JIHAD, ZENGA,ZENGA, ALLAH, MUAMMAR, LIBYA WA BAS. AAMIIIIN.

Anonymous said...

"Late last year consumers tempted to buy cheap alcohol to see in the new year were warned by the Local Government Association of the risks of drinking fake vodka . Tests on bottles seized across the UK revealed high levels of methanol – an ingredient used to make anti-freeze that can cause blindness – as well as dangerous industrial solvents."

And 19-12-2011 Rebels arrested in Tunisia want to transport a large shipment of alcohol (Vodka, …) in Libya.

Vokda is one of the counterfeit drinks mentioned in the guardian. So going crazy goes a little bit faster (+ going blind) that's what methanol does to people.

My advice: if you don't want to end up a blind pathetic loony: STOP DRINKING!

If you do want to end up a blind pathetic loony, by all means: continue & kill whatever braincells you've left.

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