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Monday, January 9, 2012

Help victims of Pedophile - please identify this innocent girl


It was reported that almost a 100 Libyan children were abducted by NATO and shipped towards Europe, their faith is still unknown, a video has emerged showing a little girl being molested and raped by a grown man alongside another woman, there is a high chance that she might be one of the abducted children, sold to Pedophiles. Please identify this innocent child, the sooner we identify her, the faster we can help her.


Anonymous said...

Those sick fuckers. It makes me so angry what NATO, the Rats and some of Libya's own people did to Libya.

Anonymous said...

Likely places:

1. France - could be groomed for 'beurette' pornography. That would be some circles to search in. Probably starting with Marseille, Toulouse etc. SOuthern parts.

2. Germany and Italy are of course a possibility.

3. Given the known presence at that time of Danish special forces in the area that could be another likely candidate.

Let it be known it is very difficult to find such people but i suggest sending as much information on these children to the local authorities with background regarding the situation. This should help to eliminate possibilities and close the doors. However, this should be done covertly because if it is done openly then they will just put these children underground making them almost impossible to find.

Another strong possibility is transfer to the PGCC states and Turkey but the stronger possibility is Western Europe who has used Morocco and Tunisia for a long period of time as Sex client states. All you need to do is look at 'beaurette' pornography to see how exploitation in the sense of the 'Colonial Harem' has long been an integral policy of France. It also serves to reduce the morale of Arab males who feel they have failed to protect the vulnerable - especially Arab children in this sense. It is truly a disgusting act of savagery and the worst part as i have known and experienced is that these victims later identify with their Frenchness stronger than their Arab roots despite awareness of their violation. I suppose this is the effect of total resignation to what seems or is construed as fate when it is just pure violation pure and simple.

I hope that provides some guidance. :)

Anonymous said...

this girl will probably be hidden best if you have pictures of the man or woman doing the abuse, people will know who they are? and do harm to them. phykick

Anonymous said...

Put pictures up of the man and women and if i come across those sick bastards i would gladly skin them alive and decapitate them

Anonymous said...

well it could be also for organs in medic black markets.. i just get chill all over when i think that and all other options what this bastards can do.

Anonymous said...

Look what Libyans has done to their own country. They choose to follow the minority bluntly without knowing the consequences. That's why the people of Libya has been protected for such a long time, they don't even know what they wanted. They destroyed everything, happiness & freedom just because of something that they do not understand.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the true Libyan diaspora was too cowardly to stop such atrocities. Syria and Iran will be next and all you brave bloggers can do is type your indignation on the interwebs. It's pathetic how easy people let their homelands be used as sock puppets.
Hey, why did most of you desert your home country in the first place?

ozyism said...

Unfortunately the disgusting video did not show the faces of the man or the woman, they work hard to keep their identities hidden that's why our best chance in finding these devils is to identify the innocent girl, then investigate the chain of events which lead her to man made hell.

Thanks (Anonymous says: January 9, 2012 7:21 AM) for your informative post, I hope people spread her picture, so that her identity is revealed so that we can help her.

Such disgusting treatment of innocent children truly makes me sick, and what makes me sick even more is the fact that no one is informing the public about such victims.

Anonymous said...

"It's pathetic how easy people let their homelands be used as sock puppets.Hey, why did most of you desert your home country in the first place?"

Just a little provocative ey? No-one lets their homeland be used freely as 'sock puppets'. That almost always occurs by force or coercion and if you would like to identify that with racial superiority then that's your issue but i allign that with technical advantage which is not race-based (you need to do your own research to find out the truth of that).

No-one deserts their home-country by choice - i think you are aware of that. :)

Nice to see someone deviating from the issue of pedophelia which is a global phenomenon (usually related to power), direct the discussion away from the issue (which implicates you unwittingly - because you are an idiot in supporting this activity), and then stop two to three straws away from mentioning race as if it were an inevitable fact of life. You are not only disgusting you are worse - an idiot - maybe even a little retarded.

But i agree with you on one thing - it is pathetic how some types (but in all countries) can betray their own kindren for a DOLLAH A DAY! Lovely picture of Jalil on a Russian website wearing a McDonalds outfit! Suits him perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Can you find clearer pictures? We had a similar issue with a young girl in Iraq or someother place - i can't quite recall but it generated enough interest that we found out her actual name and got a better picture of her (some history helps perhaps - remember that they are burning historical records in Libya for this purpose) and she was found i believe! End of story but its only one success of many failures.

So, Oz... IF possible can you post this to other Libyan and Jamahiriya webpages. It's critical it goes viral for that to work and then someone will fish up a list of names and then the elimination process can begin. It's a start. I can't do much at the moment. I just put it up on my personal blog. :)

Good work Ozy - yours truly... The Piccolo! ;p

Anonymous said...

"Just a little provocative ey?", actually it's "eh?".
The whole Libyan UN intervention was a fraud. Total cash grab, and the way Gadhafi was treated violated every aspect of international law. The US used to have an executive order forbidding murders of heads of state but I guess they let that slide. But retarded propaganda of Nato pedophilia is weak. Libya was exploided for it's oil wealth, and i'm digusted my country took part in that.
You can call me names, i'm an asshole for sure, but I do believe Libya got fucked over and I've sat through a war so I know all the bullshit lies that goes with it. Viva o/ The Green Revolution.

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