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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tunisair stop flights to Tripoli due to ongoing fighting


Oddly the US propaganda outlets still refuse to report on the ongoing fighting in and around Tripoli, the situation is so bleak that Tunisair has decided to end all flights to Tripoli. Tunisair spokesperson stated that flights have been stopped due to security reasons, refusing to give details.

It was reported earlier that protesters blocked an Airbus A320 from taking off, they were apparently protesting the ongoing fighting in Bani Walid between NATO Mercenaries and Resistance fighters.


Trust said...

I have two questions:
NTC is still in activity or replaced by the new "governement" ?
Ministers and PM, Chairman and so on are they based in Libya or abroad?
thanks for an answer

Anonymous said...

Apparantly the NTC are not in Libya at all because it's not stable enough. Bel Haj was caught running away. Things are generally fragmenting it seems and i'm having a spitting match with a guy on Youtube who has a channel called Libya Justice which is a RAT fest. He's another guy who lives abroad and is happy to contribute to the "re-building" of Libya. Some guy eh?

Anonymous said...

Shame on you OZYISM - you publish meaningless rhetoric and propaganda while avoiding the important issues because they don't fit in with you views.

In March, Eman Al-Obaidi burst into a Tripoli hotel full of foreign media pleading for help, saying she had been gang-raped by pro-Gaddafi militiamen.

Rape is a highly sensitive issue in Muslim countries and is rarely discussed in public.

The Libyan activists who have been trying to gather information about this are estimating 8,000 cases, and the figure could rise due to the number of unreported cases. There were also reports of men being raped by pro-Gaddafi thugs and mercenaries on the orders of the regime.

You pontificate about the lack of morality on the part of NATO and the NTC. Put your house in order before you criticise others!

Your mentor Moussa Ibrahim is surely rotting in hell for his part in all of this!

Anonymous said...

Shame on you (above Comment) too for supporting the genocide and killing of Blacks in Libya.It shows how deeply physcological unbalance you are.Check your facts right and explain too about the genocide commited in Libya. Did you take your time to watch the horrible videos of the NTC lynching and killings of black Africans? Sick bastard!

This war has been based on lies and same is the rape issues pinned to the green Libyans forces. It was all a hoax. Any body can wake up and shout rape. Where is the woman now? Can you tell us. How is it not possible that the TNC commited that crime as proof with their show off of videos on you tube. Wild animals are better than the stupid NTC.

You should be more ashamed to support this carnage!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who wrote "Shame on you OZYISM" - Wake up to the fact that Western Democracy = Corporate Fascism and RAPING YOU and your family daily.

Enjoy today.

ozyism said...

The girl who burst in to tears in front of world propaganda outlets never reported to the police that she was raped, she instead went straight to the cameras, in my personal opinion she had an agenda to make the Libyan government look demonic and to boost NATO propaganda against Libya.

Has there been any investigation regarding her rape? She never filed charges inside Libya or outside. Making a claim isn't good enough, anyone can burst in to fake tears to get some attention for money. I wonder how much she got paid.

But if she truly did get raped (gang raped according to her), then it wouldn't be hard at all to find out, it wouldn't be hard because medically you can find out forced entry. But she firstly never filed charges against the supposed men who raped her, no investigation ever took place to prove whether she was raped or not, even when she left Libya no doctor ever examined her to see whether she was telling the truth or not.

So all of that being said, why not discuss the countless rape of black Libyans? They and their families were interviewed, even little girls were raped by NATO Mercenaries.

Regarding claims by supposed activists who don't even live in Libya, that is as credible as the ICC. It is well known that those suppose activists work and worked for US, many terrorists also trained by US regime abroad. Khalifa Haftar was harbored by US, he was the head of a terrorist organization which operated for decades propaganda wise and terror wise to undermine security and peace in Libya.

After multiple attempts and multiple failures, these supposed activists finally got NATO to bomb Libya in order to bring the instability and lack of security which they failed to bring for over 2 decades.

So to conclude, it isn't surprising that I don't speak of US propaganda, because US propaganda has no credibility, their are many sites which refute the baseless claims made by US, its political tools such as ICC and the fake activists who are nothing but employees of the US government.

Anonymous said...

Ozyism (my old friend) - you are of course correct. Something stunk to high heaven with this whole thing and the typical blame everything on Gadaffi or Green Libyan became a common theme throughout the campaign (demonization)... however i would like to speculate as i know there are many North African Arabs who are much closer to France and really prostitute themselves (in many ways) that it is relatively easy to set something up like this. Of course i was appalled looking at the incident but now looking at the condition of Libya i can see why they were furious. And guess where she was protected??? Qatar!! With that filthy PIG of a King and his faggot son Tamim Al-Thani who probably has whore children with her.

Let's not forget that Fashion show they had in Tripoli while the massacring of women and children waas occurring outside. These people need to be killed. Its easy to say behind a PC i know but these people need to be brought to public/mob justice. They will be terrified when it happens. They always are - thats why they behave this way.

Anonymous said...

observation,she walk and sat down in a normal way. if gang raped, her walk will be slow and will show some pain on her face as she sat down. FORCIBLE ENTRY WILL LEAVE PAIN IN THE G...TAL.

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