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Monday, October 3, 2011

Witnesses report that NATO is bombing random targets in Sirte


A man fleeing Sirte testified that NATO is bombing random targets, most likely to terrorize the population in to submission. Ali who only gave his first name said that he left with his family because they were "caught between NATO bombings and shelling by rebels. NATO, in particular, is bombing at random and is often hitting civilian buildings".

This is the reality on the ground, an attempted genocide, but HRW organizations are silent, no condemnation at all.

These organizations, including UN which pretends to care for civilians have shown their true colors in this war of aggression, in this plunder of an independent nation, and destruction of the most prosperous country in Africa. They have proven to us once and for all that they truly don't care, that all the rhetoric of giving a damn about civilians is just political gibberish to fool the naive.


Anonymous said...

The Rebels can't be naive... they must know that everyone fleeing must hate their guts and i wonder what kind of jibes the Rebels are giving these civilians as they run past? It'll be interesting to see who has the last laugh...

ELLEN said...

some videos from Sirt that proof bombing of civilian buildings:

Libya Sirte NATO bombed residential complex

in Sirt Hospital

NATO crimes bombing residentials areas in sirte , Libya

Schools destroyed by NATO

NATO attacking Residintial Houses in Sirt

Destruction of Sirt City

ELLEN said...

remark to my former posting: This was already several days ago! And some (the first building, the church) look not like "bombing random targets" but deliberate targeted targets!

Anonymous said...

Whats Happening? Every where has being quite? We need Updates about the war Ozyisim. Why the silence? What is the present situation In Libya? We need victory for the green army.

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