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Monday, October 3, 2011

NATO and NATO Mercenaries attack Sirte hospital


Red Cross reported that NATO Mercenaries were directly attacking Sirte hospital, Hichem Khadhraoui said that "Several rockets landed within the hospital buildings while we were there. We saw a lot of indiscriminate fire".

At the same time, NATO is stopping civilians from reaching the hospital by bombing roads, residential areas, causing hundreds of wounded civilians to die in the process. Khadhraoui reported that "other wounded or ill people cannot get to the hospital because of the fighting and NATO air strikes".

NATO Mercenaries attacked the hospitals few moments after the Red Cross entered the hospital, what was the objective of NATO thugs? Were they planning to murder Red Cross workers, and hundreds of patients in the hospital, then blame it on the Libyan Jamahariya Government? What other motive could these thugs and released prisoners have? Was it a desperate attempt, a last resort?


Anonymous said...

Just keeping adding to the 'humanitarian intervention' joke list....

Anonymous said...

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Shruti Jain said...


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Meditrina Hospital said...

I do not understand why they are targeting hospitals.Hospitals are to save life not to destroy.

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