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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NATO Special Ops take position in Sirte port


According to new reports NATO Special Ops have taken position in Sirte port in a mission to allow foreign Mercenaries to be dropped off the coast. Since the Western supply routes are disrupted and cut off by the Tarhuna Tribe, NATO decided to attack from the East which failed and now in its last desperate attempt, trying to attack from the sea using foreign Mercenaries.

Fighting continues with NATO Special Ops around the port, whether NATO mission will be successful or not is yet to be seen.

After multiple defeats, NATO began a brutal and genocidal bombing of Sirte in order to terrorize its people in to submission, but the people continue the resistance. Hundreds of innocent people have been reported dead in the town, but the world bodies have been predominantly silent, waiting to leach Libyan oil.


Anonymous said...

i think the problem in Libya is here many too many traitors in this country !
How is possible to have nato ops in the port of Syrte when you have this town on siege ?? that's means just still more traitors in the rank of Syrte's Libyan population .
Otherwise your info is not correct.....
Sorry for my english !!!

ozyism said...

NATO Special Ops use stealth air crafts, like the ones used in Pakistan. It is almost impossible to detect, I don't think Libya has the technology, and even if they did, most radars are already blown up.

I don't think this report is false, note, NTC already claims that the port is under their control.

NATO mercenaries are still shelling Sirte from outside, they are trying to push in but die every step of the way, then retreat.

I suspect NATO Special Ops are trying to set the stage for a sea invasion, most likely a similar mission to the one in Tripoli.

In Tripoli a Qatari ship dropped off hundreds of Mercenaries at the shore. Let's see if the Libyan Defence Forces have learned from past experience.

hugeowl said...

BBC is less optimistic for NTC than Your source, it merely states that: "There have also been clashes at the port. " (at around 11 gmt)

Basically, it is the same stuff as usual, rebels stopped around 2 kms from the centre. At the moment it is obvious that loyalists have to let the rebels into the town every time they attack, as Sirte is under heavy artillery fire, so it doesnt make sense to fortify in outskirts which are probably continuously shelled. However, I remember Reuters quoting mr. Ibrahim on monday, who said that "the situation is quite bad" in Sirte, it is quite clear that it is getting worse very day for people in the town.

hugeowl said...

It seems it is not that terrible in Sirte, Reuters:

Fighting was focused on a roundabout to the east of Sirte city centre where the forces of Libya's new rulers, the National Transitional Council (NTC), were pinned down by sniper, artillery and rocket fire from the city's defenders.

On Tuesday afternoon, several hours into the battle, an NTC fighter left his unit a short way beyond the roundabout and came towards the rear to seek help. He was crying and in a panic.

"We need help, we need help," he said to fellow fighters. "Some of our men are stuck inside and they are badly injured. Please move inside so that they we can pull them out of there."

One of the fighters he was appealing to tried to comfort him. No one though, went forward to help rescue his wounded comrades: the incoming fire was too heavy.

At the roundabout, attacking forces moved up two tanks and twelve truckloads of infantry to try to break the deadlock.

But the pro-Gaddafi forces seemed to have found the range of the tanks and were directing artillery fire at them.

The NTC fighters meanwhile had to shelter behind metal shipping containers, unable to move, because of sniper fire. "Where is it coming from?" asked one fighter as bullets whistled through the air nearby.

/finish quotes

I can hardly find any info on the situation in the port, though.

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