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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NATO Mercenaries and Militias kill each other again outside Bani Walid

Reports from the ground depict scenes of chaos outside the town of Bani Walid, witnesses claim that NATO militiamen and Mercenaries are once again fighting each other, many fighters have been shot, and one fighter's head have been blown off by an RPG.

This comes as fighting intensifies in the Capital, scenes of heavy fighting and explosions have been reported, also reports that Libyans have raised the Green flag over the Green Mountains in the east. Scenes of celebrations were posted in Tarhuna as reports suggests that the town have been liberated by its own people.


hugeowl said...

What about Sabha? You seem to ignore it, You wrote only one post about it which doesn't say too much. Is there no information from there? You probably know what is claimed by rebels? Even some probably-independent sources write that loyalists there have surrendered themselves peacefully to the Nato Terror Council.

Anonymous said...

The rebels always supply the mass of journalists as if it won the Sabha to show their flags on buildings and movies. Always do now not because they control shit not Sabha. Why NTC suddenly do not have any pictures or video to prove it. Suddenly, their journalists died or what. 2 days pass since the broadcast and zero evidence.

Anonymous said...

Sabha is full control of NTC watch and cry no want to fight for Gaddafi

Anonymous said...

They are a lot of mini town in the south and the big town sabha , how do you know its not one of them ?

And i dont think sabha will fall easily , because if sabha fall the road to niger and other country will be close so they wont let it fall easily

Anonymous said...

You're right they are lies. NTC does not exist the rebels do not control the biggest cities in Libya,industrial areas and Gaddafi all the time with his government is in Tripolis and controls the country. You're dumb and blind.

ozyism said...


The footage which CNN is showing is old, from when they just entered Sabha, no resistance at all, because it was a trap. When they advanced inwards they received heavy casualties and were forced to flee.

Right now they are playing a propaganda war like they played in Sirte, they already retreated from Sirte but NATO media continually said they controlled part of the city. It is to decrease the moral of Libyans and make them surrender, but that won't happen.

The Sirte propaganda ended up being lies, they received heavy casualties then fled and waited for NATO to implement another round of terror operations.

That being said, wait a day or two, then they will be forced to report the truth.

At the small town of Ragdalin a similar trap was set, when civilians went and told NATO forces that the town had surrendered, once they entered the town, they were surrounded and received heavy casualties, many fled leaving their fellow Mercenaries behind to be killed or captured.

At the moment, just remember, Sabha is the biggest town in Libya..

Anonymous said...

Why no pro-Green videos of fighting in Tripoli if continuous and intensifying?

If idea is to counteract west propaganda, videos essential.

Only videos I see posted at present say "today" but are images I saw months ago.

If hundreds dead in Sirte, video evidence will galvanise world support. Only videos show 3-4 people at a time.

Anonymous said...

The people I have spoken to, have said that they will surrender to protect all the civilians in Sebha. The town was split down the middle when it comes to each side, so to stop the bloodshed and save lives they have chosen to put their guns down.

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